Prada Saffiano Totes Replica VS Lady Dior bags

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Prada nylon bag pioneered, but also with light, accompanied by leather trim or tassels with metal materials “Prada” signs are still in use together into style logo. Prada’s mostly very unique material, material characteristics, such as speckle pattern silk raincoat, double-sided cashmere coats, mink trim nylon parkas are all quite haute couture. Prada’s most famous style is nylon bag commuter bag, this is a very special nylon parachute material, heat another toughness, thick and textured, not out dozens of pieces of imitation goods comparable. Undoubtedly the most classic style Prada black nylon Prada bag commuter Prada Vela Nylon Tote, if you like celebrity, it would probably be like Miranda can be children of the same paragraph bag Prada Lux Saffiano Leather Zipper Bag. Eventually, Madras recommend Prada 2011 autumn and winter series and had just introduced a color woven bag Prada Knit Nappa Tote.

Prada Saffiano Totes Replica

Prada series Prada Boston Bag, Replica Prada Briefcase Handbags, Prada Clutches, Prada Hobo, Prada Top Handle, Prada Saffiano Totes and so on, Baoshen exclusive PRADA Italian top quality leather production, shockproof, dustproof, anti-tear, wear, PRADA special selection lining lining, soft, large capacity, comfortable thick strap design, hardware accessories imported from Italy, do not fade, high quality cowhide, fine workmanship, traces full uniform, neat car line, finishing clean, high the cost of inputs, the Queen of Europe to build a professional technician, half enclaves style elegance, exquisite detail, is the enduring classic handbags PRADA, wild style and practicality by fashionable women of all ages.

Prada Saffiano Totes Replica

When conducting structure analysis package, first advanced human eye is the overall shape and the shape of products, the inclusion and more generally to the geometry of the foundation for the design, for example, rectangular, square, triangle, circle, oval and trapezoidal etc. . So the appearance of the package body to do the initial description. In this work, not only to depict the shape of the front and rear fan, but also on the shape of the bottom side portion and the bag body will be described, the description thereof especially when the side portions, to its finished state and the member status, respectively expression, to show the difference. This is for the soft structure is particularly important in terms of the package. Then, according to the hardness of the package body to determine its internal backing structure, i.e. whether stiffener, according to the case of hard and soft bag body, the bag body can be divided into soft package structure, hard and semi-hard structure bag package structure III class.

Prada Saffiano Totes Replica

Soft structure refers Replica Prada bags inside the bag did not pack a hard liner components, its shape changes with internal changes costumes items, bags, shopping bags or small handbag adopt this structure; hard pack structure refers to all internal inclusions are there are hard-liner components (except block headlines, wall bars or pull chain), fixed and little change in its appearance, Ms. bag or special professional career with the package can be such a structure; and semi-rigid structure of the package is the main package body parts lined hard-liner, such as bag cover, front and rear fan, etc., without enclaves hard liner material within other components, such enclaves characteristics of both soft and hard inclusions, both have a certain shape retention, and also fully the volume for the items used, briefcase, this structure can be used everyday bag. In general, the shape of hard and semi-hard structure packet structure than fixed size for medium or small, and soft structure package size is unlimited, flexible size and shape.
Prada Saffiano Totes Replica
For inclusion is concerned, the switch is one very important way to structure determines the appearance of the Prada bag is the most prominent parts of the body. Switch mode is usually the first designer to determine the structure of common switch in the following ways: stand-mouth, with cover type, zipper, open and semi-open type, such as four. This four different ways, not only in style switch different styles, but also in the application form are different. Shelf-mouth is a common female bag switch mode, due to its structure, size, cross-sectional shape, fixation and sealing means, the rack rich mouth package becomes complicated. Ms. shelf package mouth divided into two categories, one is flanged mouth, and the other is a card edge port.

Fixation shelves port and enclaves, there are two, one is the front side of the fan and all Cypriot enclaves shelf pomegranate mouth, while the other is just around the fan Cypriot population slots on both sides of the package the free end. Package body and mouth with a shelf, there are three ways, the first open slot in the bottom of the mouth, Prada men bag material from the lower Cypriots, this approach is the most common: the second slot opening in the side of the mouth, and the third port slot opening in the upper part. Different ports groove direction have different end shapes, round, square, oval and triangular, and its wide range of sealing device also has a lock ring lock and similar cover lock, so make flexible bag styles. Purses and small backpack can use this switch mode.

Cover with a bag switch mode is now very common way a structure, especially in terms of handbags, bag cover and tie enclaves in many forms, direct leads from the fan, but also individually designed cutting stitched together but no matter what kind of tie way, the package cover have long, medium and short points, application and general design of the package covered with medium length appropriate. Fixed package inclusions cover and the way there are many, such as various types of cover lock, magnetic button, in addition to various forms such as solder mix. It is important to determine the proportion of the design cover package, the package bag can fully cover must ensure switching without affecting the volume of the package body, and while filling the articles can switch freely.

Says fashion bags, have to say dior handbags, handbags Dior Soft like this is a modified version of the classic 2006 launch Lady Replica Dio handbags. Lady Dior heritage essence of the design and set of practical, elegant and comfortable in one. This section uses lambskin tote bag or paint surface decorated with classic rattan Plaid “Cannage” stitching design. With leather and pale gold metal chain with a handle, can shoulder, jacquard lining, a zip pocket and two compartments. Daily bag handbag section positioned to random, wild nature of popular and easy to use. She and Lady Dior biggest difference is the use of soft leather, abandoned skeleton Quartet package, easy to use more casual. Capacity, and can be rolled up into the luggage, convenient and practical. So a combination of characteristics lady and soft, and has been listed popular. Italian star Monica Bellucci endorsements too soft lady Dior. Since the push from Miss Dior chain package has a different color, and use a variety of rare and luxurious leather made. Where the classic rattan Plaid “Cannage” stitching design, with pale gold metal chain belt and buckle, people have shoulder jewelry associations. In the choice of colors on both mature and have a sweet, honest color, smooth leather, the youth did not swagger. In addition, Dior and many nice series, like Diorissimo, Dior Addict, Miss Dior, DiorBar, Dior Granville.


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